All the best photos by Peter Leung

Philip Aiken

Philip Akin is an award-winning actor, and is presently the artistic director of Toronto’s lauded .

He has used and collected fountain pens for many years, and is the organizer and driving force behind Scriptus.

He can be contacted at: philip.akin@scriptustoronto.com

David Armstrong

David Armstrong lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He specializes in the restoration and conservation of vintage writing equipment, and is owner of the Restorer’s Art web site.

He is doing the web stuff. And is cheering on Phil, who doesn’t really need it.

He can be contacted at: david.armstrong@scriptustoronto.com

Michelle Leung

Michelle Leung lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband, daughter, and a drawer full of pens and ink. She is partial to Japanese pens with urushi, raden and maki-e finishes. She also spends quite a lot of time dreaming up custom clipless, cigar-style pens with fancy acrylics and cursive italic grinds. When not busy playing with pens, paper and stationery, she can be found at her day job at the Toronto Reference Library, whom she thanks profusely for carrying on the legacy of preserving the written word, and also as a kind benefactor to her pen addiction.

She is the official Scriptus photographer, and publicist.

She can be contacted at: michelle.leung@scriptustoronto.com

Lisa Cox

Lisa Cox lives in Cambridge, Ontario with her husband, cat, and way too many pens. A long-time member of the Cambridge Pen Club, she has been a fountain pen user and collector for many years. Her collection reflects her diverse interests but is particularly fond of anything made by Lamy.

When not discovering a bottle of ink she forgot she bought or trawling fpn, Lisa can be found at the University of Guelph and Ontario Veterinary College, where she teaches history and serves as the Curator of the C.A.V. Barker Museum of Canadian Veterinary History.

She is the volunteer coordinator for Scriptus.

She can be contacted at: volunteers@scriptustoronto.com