Monthly Archives: August 2014

Announcement: Free Admission!

We are thrilled to announce that admission to Scriptus 2014—only three months away—will be entirely free of charge!

The Scriptus team is committed to making the show as accessible as possible. While certain measures, such as wheelchair ramps and elevator access, are obvious requirements for an event like this, we feel that other factors also need to be considered. While economic woes are considered by many to be in the recent past, the reality is that charging admission to a pen & writing show will exclude some who want to attend.

Writing is a basic form of communication, and we are privileged to live in a part of the world where it is considered a basic ability. With this in mind, why shouldn’t it also be basic to have access to the finest writing tools?

At Scriptus we will have vendors from across North America with the best quality writing equipment, the finest stationery, the most vibrant inks, and the greatest excitement in sharing what they have to offer. And we are thrilled to welcome anyone interested; come join us, without exclusion.

Part of our mission statement—the one the show administration discusses in private—is that we consider event quality as more important than profit. Greater accessibility means more people, more interest, and a higher profile for pens and writing in Canada; all hallmarks of quality in a show like this. Additionally, the excellent venue provides full control over crowd flow, and the management of any possible crisis. We have the utmost confidence that this admissions policy will contribute to the show’s resounding success.

So put Sunday, November 2, 2014 on your calendar, and join us at Scriptus 2014, Toronto’s pen & writing show!