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Scriptus 2015 Date Announcement

After the huge success of Scriptus 2014, we are looking forward to another excellent show, full of pens, ink, paper, and more of the reading and writing tools we all love so much. We are very happy to announce the date of Scriptus 2015: November 1, 2015.

We know that many of last year’s visitors are excited about attending Scriptus again, as are so many exhibitors. It was thrilling to hear so many in attendance already speculating about details of this next show.

Exhibitors’ and sponsorship details will be forthcoming over the next few weeks, but we can tell you a few exciting details. Scriptus 2015 will be:

We want everyone to come and join us, without the deterrent of an admission fee. This is about writing & communication, not making money.
The Toronto Reference Library location is central, accessible by car & transit, and has state-of-the-art access for anyone with restricted mobility.
bigger than ever!
We have booked the Epic Hall & Prologue rooms. This means that there will be space for even more exhibitors’ tables, and for more than 700 visitors at any given time.

So mark your calendar for the first Sunday in November, and stay tuned for further developments. And we look forward to seeing you there!