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Congratulations Raffle Winners!

An important question on everyone’s mind during Scriptus 2014 was: will there be a Scriptus 2015? Thanks to the overwhelming support of the show’s guests and exhibitors our raffle was a great success, and we can answer with a resounding “yes“!

We are happy to announce the list of winners of the Scriptus 2014 raffle:

Steve Ward
Edison Pen ensemble, courtesy of WonderPens
Scott Hamel
Stationery assortment, courtesy of Sevanti Letterpress
Gerald Taylor
Custom pen, courtesy of Appleman Pens
Pepe Bakshi
Parker Vacumatic, courtesy of Restorer’s Art
Vivian Carter
Marbled paper assortment, courtesy of Studio Robert Wu
Chris Mitchell
12-pen portfolio, courtesy of Penchant
Netta Starnino
Stationery assortment, courtesy of Refinemark
Mary McBain
Waterman pen ensemble, courtesy of Laywine’s
Tony Johnston
Staedtler Premium Lignum pen ensemble, courtesy of Staedtler
Angela Yeates
Franklin-Christoph pen ensemble, courtesy of Phidon Pens

Those winners who have not yet collected their prize can pick it up at Laywine’s Pens & Organizers, any time during their business hours (verification information will be sent to each individual winner). Our heartfelt thanks go out to Peter Laywine and his staff for their help with this, and for their constancy in supporting Scriptus from it’s very genesis.

And Now For Our Volunteers

While a lot of credit goes to show organizers, that’s not the whole story.

Rave reviews of Scriptus have come in from all fronts, and much of it has to do with how smoothly things went on the actual day. And just like the oil that keeps your car from over-heating and breaking down, we had a team of volunteers whose hard work was vital to the success of the show:

  • Claudia (Cyber6)
  • Chelsea Armstrong
  • Lauren Armstrong
  • Lisa Cox
  • Allan Friedman
  • Robert Maguire
  • Robin McLaughlin
  • Luke Reece
  • Dorothy Russell

They put in long, hard hours doing behind-the-scenes work; hours that could have been spent wandering around, enjoying the good pen, ink, and paper-y things on display. Claudia’s persuasive powers put an ink table on the floor, for which she provided samples of both ink and paper, and then attended from start to finish. Hourly attendance counts were done (a big thing, as free admission provides no data). The front table (information and raffle) was an entity in and of itself, again thanks to a seemingly tireless team.

Thus, our eternal gratitude goes flooding out. So long as we have a volunteer team supporting Scriptus, you can be guaranteed that we will put in the hours organizing a show for them to support!

Scriptus 2014

Post-Show Report

  • “The venue was great…and the day of the week and time of year worked perfectly. The organization was fabulous…. Well done.”
  • “There was a very good variety of items and vendors. I also had a good time talking to many of the attendees. It was for me an excellent introduction to pen shows.”
  • “I would say [the show] was the best ever and I have taken part in every pen show that has ever happened in Toronto. Nothing comes close to what you have achieved…”
  • “It was so good to see familiar faces behind the tables and the smiling faces of the attendees. I think we all made a lot of people happy…”

And in one day, it’s all done.

Scriptus 2014

9:50 a.m. Ready and waiting.

The first Scriptus pen & writing show took off at a run, with people lined up outside the Toronto Reference Library well before the 10:00 a.m. start time. There were a few last-minute exhibitor cancellations, but we were able to call in a few last-minute waiting list replacements, and all of the tables were filled and set up by opening time, when people started flooding in.

Crowds were consistently solid up until the last hour or so, and our visitors represented a wide range of people and interests. The repair table was busy all day, and many people simply took a number and spent time enjoying the various exhibitors’ tables until their turn came up for repairs. A number of show attenders also made arrangements for impromptu meet-ups out in the library, sharing their new-found treasures with friends and online acquaintances.

Scriptus 2014

10:30 a.m. A full house on a sunny morning.

Our volunteers were willing, able, and capable. The front desk was constantly attended, and fielded both general questions and raffle sales.

The ink sample table was also a great success, and was able to introduce a number of people to all sorts of new colours and ink-types, including the much-anticipated powdered inks. Tomoe River paper samplers were very popular, and will undoubtedly result in skyrocketing addiction rates!

Scriptus 2014

Sean makes a mess. Over, and over, and over…

The raffle was very popular, and sales were strong enough to guarantee a show for next year. We will be announcing the winners in the next few days, as well as arrangements for them to pick up their prizes.

All of the exhibitors reported that people were thrilled to be in attendance, and that the venue was an excellent one. Many appreciated the opportunity to meet their customers face-to-face, with a number coming from other provinces and from the U.S. to enjoy the show. Sales were very strong, and it was a joy to see how happy people were to find pens they had hoped for, observe dozens of gleefully ink-stained hands, and see people able to instantly start writing with pen & ink, and on paper, that they had just discovered that day. By our estimates we saw some 1,200 people visit over the course of six hours, many of whom spent a few hours with us.

With Scriptus 2014 such a roaring success, we can confidently say that a show in 2015 will happen. As we confirm specific details we will, of course, let you know.

Scriptus 2014

No rest for the wicked!

The Final Raffle Prize

Our final raffle prize is back to fine stationery:

  • Traditional Letterpress Stationery
  • • Guaranteed fountain pen-friendly •
  • • Printed using moveable type on an historical letterpress •
  • • Six assorted greeting cards •
  • • Two boxes of cards; “Thank You” and snowflake design •
  • • One box of stationery printed with an original 1905 Waterman pen advertising cut •

A Few Final Reminders

Finally months of hard week are paying off. Scriptus is in just a few days and, from all reports, we have people streaming in from all over Ontario, from Québec, and from as far off as Victoria.

We have just a few final reminders for everyone:

  • The fall time change is happening early Sunday morning. What better way is there to use an extra hour than in enjoying pens a&ampl writing?
  • Public transit starts running at 9:00 a.m. That gives you a full hour to get to Scriptus!
  • The parking lot on Asquith Av. is charging only $6 for the day on Sundays.
  • Even though the Library proper doesn’t open until the afternoon, have no fear! The main entrance will be open to Scriptus attenders.

A great time will be had by all, and we look forward to seeing you there!