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Volunteers Take a Bow

Without an army of volunteers, Scriptus would be a much more disorganized place. This year, our volunteers stepped up and looked after a host of duties. From running the raffle table, to running out for coffee and food, to keeping a rough count of the number of people streaming in the door, they did an amazing job, and our sincere thanks go out to them all.

  • Lisa Cox
  • Graham Allison
  • Chelsea Armstrong
  • Michele Armstrong
  • Claudia Astorquiza
  • Jim Pontikas
  • Ray Rama
  • Stephanie Raudsepp
  • Jeffrey Royer
  • Lin Stranberg
  • Andrew Timar
  • John Trebych
  • Karen Webster
  • Lillian White
  • Justin Williams
  • Angela Yeates
  • Graham Yeates
  • Wishes to Remain Anonymous (but definitely not forgotten.)

Take a good bow, for you deserve it!

Congratulations 2015 Raffle Winners

We are happy to announce the list of winners of the Scriptus 2015 raffle. The raffle is vital in funding Scriptus, and we would like to thank everyone involved.

Shawna Young
Le Typographie Paper and Envelopes,
Franklin Christof Bellus Rollerball, courtesy of Phidon Pens
Ben Ormseth
Eversharp Pencil & box of lead, courtesy of Restorers Art
Jennifer Kayahara
Staedtler Resina Blue fountain pen, leather case, and ink, courtesy of Staedtler Canada
Jim Hong
Platinum 3776 fountain pen, with music nib, courtesy of Wonder Pens
Donovan Bumanglag
Kaweco DIA 2 fountain pen & ink, with Leuchtturm 1917 notebook, courtesy of Knight’s Writing Co.
Irma Ghorghorian
The Pony: bound office file, courtesy of Livery Press.
Tracy Banderob
Montblanc Project M fountain pen, cards & envelopes, courtesy of Refinemark
Dave Homuth
Dupont Fidelio ballpen, courtesy of Murtaza Amarshi
Alexander Paribello
Faber-Castell Tamitio fountain pen, leather pen case, Laywine’s ink, and Stamford Notebook Co Traveller’s Journal, Scriptus edition, courtesy of Laywine’s Pens & Organizers
Katherine Brown
KWZI ink assortment, courtesy of KWZI Ink
Gordon Moir
A selection of Refinemark fine stationery and custom pencil sharpener, courtesy of Refinemark
Jacob Banderob
Parker Ingenuity pen, courtesy of
Sandhya Chari
Platinum mixable ink set and fountain pen, courtesy of Take Note Stationery Store
Sarah Torrie
The last bottle of Scriptus 2015 Maple Red ink

Those winners who have not yet collected their prize can pick it up at Laywine’s Pens & Organizers, any time during their business hours. Our heartfelt thanks again go out to Peter Laywine and his staff for their generous assistance.

A Joyful Show

Scriptus 2015 has come and gone, with great success. The venue was packed with pen & writing aficionados for the entire day, with the young and old finding treasures to keep them busy for months to come. Hundreds of people flooded in each hour—right from the doors’ many staying for hours at a time.

An army of selfless volunteers kept things running smoothly, fielding various media visitors, answering questions, and keeping our huge collection of raffle donations in good order. Our eternal thanks go to Lisa, our mighty volunteer co-ordinator, and Michelle, our publicity co-ordinator & photographer, for long hours spent and jobs very well done.

A lovely photo gallery can be seen at

We have more to come, including a comprehensive raffle winners list. But first, we must collapse in a heap.

Oh, and by the way, there will definitely be a Scriptus 2016. Stay tuned…

Show Day Reminder

It’s finally Scriptus weekend! Don’t forget about the time change early this morning: set your clocks back one hour, and we’ll see you at 10 a.m. sharp.