Monthly Archives: June 2014

Update: Sponsors, Exhibitors, and More

It seems like just yesterday that we announced the date of Scriptus 2014. In the months since then, we have been steadily working towards the November show, and are happy to announce what you may have noticed in the sidebar of the Scriptus website: a list of our five major sponsors: Kaweco, Laywine’s, Phidon, Staedtler, and We are thrilled to have such enthusiastic support from such stalwart pillars of the pen & writing community, both in Toronto itself and across Canada!

Arrangements for the show are coming together well. We have over half of the available tables confirmed, and plenty more interest. It looks like there will be a wide variety of exhibitors, so there will be something for everyone. We are pleased to announce a listing of all exhibitors to date on our website, at: We will be updating the list as new exhibitors join us, so keep your eyes here for the latest updates. As well, we are finalizing posters and flyers, so that news about the show will be spread far and wide.

So, if you haven’t already done so, mark your calendar for November 2: Scriptus Toronto is on track, and nothing will get in it’s way!