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2017 Raffle Winners

One of the biggest factors in helping Scriptus continue year-after-year is the raffle. Our fourth show was supported wholeheartedly by many exhibitors, and we had a record number of prizes on offer. The draw was held in the last hour of the show, and we are happy to announce the results!

Nell Carter • Canada 150 Bundle • Pomegranate Letterpress & Design
Natalie Tsui • Cherry Oblique Pen Holder & Nibs • Toronto Pen Company
Dominic Conforti • 7 Pen Stand • Timber Elegance
Yoram Shelley • Montblanc Anniversary Edition
Safety Pen •
Be Urbane
Stan Smith • Lamy Safari Fountain Pen •
• Caran d’Ache Popline Ballpen •
Leuchtturm1917 Notebook •
• Sailor Jentle Ink •
• J Herbin 1798 Amethyst Ink •
Phidon Pens
Greg Ricci • Cross Matrix Fountain/Ballpoint Pen • Murtaza Amarshi
Linden Laserna • Canada 150 Limited Edition Greeting Card • Roses Without Thorns
Eric Bruce • Diplomat Excellence Fountain Pen •
• Diamine Sapphire Blue Ink •
• Leuchtturm1917 Notebook •
Knight’s Writing Co
Lauren Beaton • Taroko Design Notebooks •
• Robert Oster “River of Fire” &
“Purple Soul” Inks •
Jennifer Quill • Exposed-binding Custom Notebook • Grace Notes Press
John Trebych • Lamy LX Rose Gold Fountain Pen •
• J Herbin Ink •
• Leuchtturm1917 Notebook •
Knight’s Writing
J Wise • Edison Collier Fountain Pen •
• Kobe Ink
Wonder Pens
Lesley Kovacs • Robert Oster Ink 4-pack with card •
• 2 Bottles Blackstone Ink •
• 3 Tomoe river Notebooks
Claimed at show • Montblanc “Noblesse” Fountain Pen • Pearce Jarvis
Sunil Sebastian • Show Ink: Confederation Brown • Scriptus
Graeme Spicer • Artwork • Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto
Aykut Gurcaglar • Sheaffer Targa slim fountain pen •
• Pen Storage Box •
Bryan & Cheryl Hall
Claimed at show • DuPont Orpheo, in case • Mark Sheppard
Kevin Shin
Maria Pacheco
Elaine Chak
Melissa Breakwell
Shawn Kinghorn
Elena Woo
Jazmyn Ballaret
King Tung
One claimed at show
• $25 Gift Certificate •

All of the winners will be contacted individually with details as to how to collect their prizes.

We would like to extend a special word of thanks to Peter Laywine and his staff at Laywine’s Pens & Organizers for their extra help and assistance in connection with the raffle.

Our congratulations go out to all of the winners. And our greatest thanks go to the prize donors and everyone who donated to Scriptus by participating in the raffle this year. Thanks to you we can look forward to Scriptus 2018!

A Giant Thank You

Once again Scriptus has come and gone. And once again it was a huge success! With over 1,000 visitors spending the day with us, the challenge could have been overwhelming. Why do we say “could have”? Because, with an army of volunteers to call on, the day was smooth and clear! And several cheerfully laboured for the entire day.

As an additional note, Peter and his staff at Laywine’s have not only volunteered to distribute our raffle prizes, but (in lieu of a raffle prize, at our request) also provided a thank-you gift for each volunteer.

The Scriptus team would like to give a huge shout of thanks to all of our volunteers at Scriptus 2017, in no particular order:

Lisa Cox (co-ordinator)
Priscilla Yu (raffle)
Harry Kassabian
Karen Feder
Gilbert Salgado
Martin Franklin
Scott Hamel
Chris Foley
Shaun Browne
Lucy Zhang
Helen Skibinski
John Trebych
Sue Massie
Ken Geniza
Hui Jun Chew
Brian Smith
Kristin Glasbergen & Family
Vivienne Cutting
Richard Farmer
Allan Friedman
Kathryn Edgecombe
Jeanne Grosman
Sue Robinson
Graham & Angela Yeates
Andrew Timar
Kimberly Anne Gabriel
David Bidner
Paul Kay
Isabel Zhang
Claire Chiba
Brenda Humby
Marie Cadena-Desrochers
Gordon Moir