Volunteers Take a Bow

Without an army of volunteers, Scriptus would be a much more disorganized place. This year, our volunteers stepped up and looked after a host of duties. From running the raffle table, to running out for coffee and food, to keeping a rough count of the number of people streaming in the door, they did an amazing job, and our sincere thanks go out to them all.

  • Lisa Cox
  • Graham Allison
  • Chelsea Armstrong
  • Michele Armstrong
  • Claudia Astorquiza
  • Jim Pontikas
  • Ray Rama
  • Stephanie Raudsepp
  • Jeffrey Royer
  • Lin Stranberg
  • Andrew Timar
  • John Trebych
  • Karen Webster
  • Lillian White
  • Justin Williams
  • Angela Yeates
  • Graham Yeates
  • Wishes to Remain Anonymous (but definitely not forgotten.)

Take a good bow, for you deserve it!