Scriptus Raffle Prizes Preview Part One!

Thanks to our generous friends in the writing community for donating these wonderful prizes for our annual raffle. The raffle is essential for us to be able to keep this event free year after year. Tickets will be available at the show—1 for $5 and 3 for $10. The prizes will be on display, and there will be boxes for each item so that you can choose which prizes you want the chance on!

Are you excited to find out what will be up for grabs?

  • DSCN0881 
    Wonderpens has donated a Platinum 3776 fountain pen, with music nib.
  • DSCN0870
    Staedtler includes: Resina Blue fountain pen, leather case and Staedtler Royal Blue ink.
  • Manning 1
    Silverhand Studios has donated a handmade custom pen.
  • DSCN0868
    Phidon Pens has donated Le Typographie paper and envelopes, and a Franklin Christoph Bellus rollerball pen.
  • 20151003090136300
    Restorers Art has donated a refurbished 1917 Eversharp pencil and nos box of lead.

Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!