Scriptus and the Introvert

Pen shows can be a bit overwhelming. Dozens of exhibitors, colours everywhere, people jostling around. For those of us who find that draining, it can be enough to make us think twice about coming at all.

One excellent strategy used by the introverts and highly sensitive is to find a place to recharge your energy, away from the noise and bustle. And at Scriptus we have you covered! Here are a few suggestions if you are affected in this way:

  • Scriptus is crowded right from the beginning. If coming early is your usual way to avoid crowds, it may not work here. The show only slows down in the last hour or so.
  • Admission is free, so you can come and go freely, without even having to pass by someone examining you for proof of payment.
  • There is an excellent coffee shop on the library’s main floor: Balzac’s. The library allows you to bring your food and drink into the bookish areas, which means…
  • You can easily find a quiet & peaceful corner. It’s a library. It’s a big library! There are tables, chairs, corners and alcoves everywhere. And there is no time limit on how long you can stay there. When you are ready, you can come back to the show area and see more of what there is to see.

So have no fear (or anxiety), at Scriptus we have you covered, no matter how much a show like this might hurt your brain!