Scriptus 2015 Special Edition Ink: Maple Red

We are proud to announce a first for Scriptus, to be released in just two weeks at Scriptus 2015: a new ink, commissioned from ink master Konrad Zurowski, of KWZ Ink, aptly named Maple Red.

Maple Red is a colour that is evocative of the season’s colour change in maple leaves. It is highly saturated, free flowing and represents the intensity, warmth and complexity of a Canadian fall. This ink contains no iron gall, and is safe for use in most fountain pens (we have not yet been able to test it in vintage pens, and so cannot recommend it for use in any pen with a rubber sac or made of vintage plastic.)

There will be a limited supply available, on a first-come first-served basis, at a cost of $12 per 60 mL (2 oz) bottle. It will be available at one of the first tables you see when entering the show (floor maps will be available well in advance of the show).

We look forward to seeing everyone at Scriptus 2015, whether you come for Maple Red, or any of the thousands of other wonderful pen and writing treasures you will find there.

See you on November 1!