Limited-Edition 2016 T-Shirt


We are happy to announce that, in addition the dozens of tables filled with fabulous pen and writing goodies, we are adding to your list of must-haves: a limited edition Scriptus 2016 t-shirt.

Featuring the original patent drawing of the iconic Parker “51” on a black background, this shirt will announce your pen addiction to the world! We are also proud to have found a shirt produced locally, of organic pesticide-free cotton. Reasonably priced at $20, all-inclusive.

Quantities are limited, and there is no provision for advance sales, reservations, or mail-out orders. To get this, you will have to come to the show on October 30, the earlier the better.

Add to your wardrobe, shout out your pen love, and support Scriptus, all at the same time; what could be better than that?