Here, There, and Everywhere

So it’s been a busy couple of weeks. Obviously, with Scriptus being only just over a week away. Following a bit on the last post’s trend, it started with this photo:

Show Pen Caps

David “Caps are good. They look nice, and they are done.”

Philip “They are done. And they do look nice.”

David “What would be great, is if the rest of the pens were done, too.”

Philip “Funny you should say that. Howard says they are finishing up the barrels today, and the barrel engraving tomorrow. He hopes to have them in the mail by the end of the week.”

One good thing is that the USPS is excellent; two days gets pretty much anything anywhere. And in this case, Heinz Dschankilic (, one of the stalwarts of the Cambridge Pen Breakfast, has graciously volunteered the use of his Niagara Falls, NY, shipping address. Being able to negotiate customs ourselves will be a huge time-saver.

And the next day:

Philip “Incoming.” [Our code for ‘check your email, I just sent you something.’] “And pens have shipped.”

Finally, the show pen!

And here is what came in:

Finally, the finished goods!

And sure enough, after the Pen Breakfast on saturday, Philip and Heinz took a trip over the border, and picked up the pens. All 150 of them.

Which is when the worrying stopped, and the work began. Photos? We need better photos! Can we get one out for review? How about measurements? And a web page? We need the pre-sales web page up and running! Do we add a shipping option? No, right, they are just for pick-up at the show. Unless we don’t sell all of them. We’ll sell all of them.

Why are we doing this again? Right. Because it’s for Scriptus, and Scriptus is fun. It really is.