Exhibitors Map Now Online

After months of hard work, Scriptus 2014 is nearly upon us. In just under two weeks Toronto will have it’s first pen show in over four years, and it’s first ever stationery show!

We are pleased to announce the release of a finalized floor plan. The venue is a beautiful one, but even the best venue has it’s challenges. Who needs electricity? How do you place different types of exhibitors? Who gets put under the back stairwell? (Philip does, of course!)

But after hours of deliberation, we have a finalized map and list of vendors. It is available in pdf format, which can be downloaded to your portable device, or printed out in hard copy. Copies will also be available at the show, right at the entrance.

So get planning! Inks, paper, or pens first? We are looking forward to seeing you there.

pdf-icon-transparentScriptus 2014 Exhibitors Map