And Now For Our Volunteers

While a lot of credit goes to show organizers, that’s not the whole story.

Rave reviews of Scriptus have come in from all fronts, and much of it has to do with how smoothly things went on the actual day. And just like the oil that keeps your car from over-heating and breaking down, we had a team of volunteers whose hard work was vital to the success of the show:

  • Claudia (Cyber6)
  • Chelsea Armstrong
  • Lauren Armstrong
  • Lisa Cox
  • Allan Friedman
  • Robert Maguire
  • Robin McLaughlin
  • Luke Reece
  • Dorothy Russell

They put in long, hard hours doing behind-the-scenes work; hours that could have been spent wandering around, enjoying the good pen, ink, and paper-y things on display. Claudia’s persuasive powers put an ink table on the floor, for which she provided samples of both ink and paper, and then attended from start to finish. Hourly attendance counts were done (a big thing, as free admission provides no data). The front table (information and raffle) was an entity in and of itself, again thanks to a seemingly tireless team.

Thus, our eternal gratitude goes flooding out. So long as we have a volunteer team supporting Scriptus, you can be guaranteed that we will put in the hours organizing a show for them to support!