2017 Show Ink: Confederation Brown

Label calligraphy by Salman Khattak (torontopencompany.com) Line art by Alannah (@iamjoopiter)

We are happy to announce the arrival of hundreds of pounds of ink, in crates, in Philip’s living room!

The Scriptus 2017 ink is Conferedation Brown, again formulated especially for us by KWZ Ink, in Poland. As always, Konrad has created an exciting ink, unlike most of what is available today.

For those who like reviews, you can read an extensive—and favourable—one on the GourmetPens blog

This ink will once again be available only at Scriptus 2017; price will be $16, all-inclusive. We have ordered 480 bottles this year, which is a substantial increase, but we will be limiting purchase quantities to 2 bottles per person in the vain hope that everyone who wants it will get some.

Just what we all needed: another reason to look forward to Scriptus!

We would also like to thank: Salman Khattak (torontopencompany.com) for his label calligraphy; Alannah (@iamjoopiter) for her label art; and Claudia Astorquiza (bauerinks.ca) for her creative input.