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Scriptus Raffle: Parker Vacumatic

And the Raffle Continues

Another raffle prize for your appreciation; this time from the vintage side of pens:

  • Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen
  • • Canadian-production third-generation •
  • • sub-debutante size; in “green pearl” •
  • • semi-flexible nib. •
Phidon Pens Raffle Donation

Announcement: Scriptus Fundraising Raffle

We are excited about the sheer number of good things we have planned at Scriptus, now just a few weeks away. We are pleased to announce the addition of another good thing: a multiple-item raffle, all proceeds to be put into future Scriptus shows.

Thanks to the generosity of a number of our sponsors and exhibitors, we have a variety of great prizes available. We will be announcing them over the weeks leading up to the show.

Tickets will be sold at the show: $5 per ticket, or $10 for three. Draws will be made throughout the day; each ticket will have the purchaser’s contact information on it so that we can inform them, even if they have had to leave the show. Exhibitors will not be eligible to buy tickets.

As an additional twist, each item will have it’s own ticket box. This means that, if you really like an item, you can decide how many tickets you would like to enter for that item alone. So stuff away to your heart’s content, knowing it goes to a good cause: more Scriptus, and the joy of more fine writing!

As a teaser, we have the first item, donated by one of our Scriptus sponsors, Phidon Pens in Cambridge:

Phidon Pens Raffle Donation

Phidon Pens Raffle Donation

Phidon Pens Raffle Donation

Franklin-Christoph Model 29

Phidon Pens Raffle Donation

Franklin-Christoph Model 29 – Detail

Good Problems: Scriptus Is Full

There are problems in life, and most of them easily fall into two categories: good, and bad. Scriptus has a good problem: we are full up with exhibitors! At last count we have a full line-up of 36 tables, filled with pen- & writing-related fun: pens, pencils, inks, papers, and more.

We will be continuing to accept exhibitor applications, but these will be solely for last-minute replacements, if necessary. (Obviously one won’t have to pay in advance; anyone booking a spot at this point would be notified should something become available.)

So whether you are browsing, buying, selling, learning, or simply curious: mark your calendar for November 2 (and don’t forget about the time-change that day), and we will see you Toronto’s pen & writing show.